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Pain and Suffering Awarded for Burn Injury:

Serious burn injuries involve agonizing suffering.  Burn injuries affect the very nerves and organ -- the skin or epidermis -- that sends pain signals to the brain.  This makes it literally and scientifically true that there can be no greater pain and suffering than the pain and suffering of a burn injury victim.

But it must also always be remembered that the pain and suffering of the burn injury victim is not limited to the agony of the physical pain and suffering.  

Often, burn injuries are disfiguring.  The deeply regrettable truth is that scarring from burn injuries can range from the unsightly to the grotesque.  Burn injury victims must live with the pain and suffering caused by this every day.  Some persons who have suffered facial burns find it hard to function in society or even to appear in public.  The reactions of passersby are simply too painful.  This too is a form of pain and suffering which must appropriately be fully recognized when pain and suffering damages are awarded for burn injury victims.

Burn injuries can dramatically interfere with the ability of the victim to ever again earn a living.   The recovery process alone often precludes return to employment, so that burn injuries may result in long term disability from the workforce.

The psychological wounds of suffering a burn injury also frequently exceed even the frustration and humiliation of dealing with the reactions of others.  Many burn victims have a difficult time forcing the memory of the burn event from their minds.   The trauma lingers in the psyche just as the physical pain may linger -- and the two often feed upon each other.  

Before accepting any settlement in a burn injury case, sufferers must take every possible step to be certain that the involved insurance companies, liable parties, or others who may control settlement purse strings (even, in fact, juries in litigated cases), fully and truly understand the depths of pain and suffering these injuries can cause.

Talk to Attorney Tim Kennedy.  He can help to guide you and your case so as to ensure that you get the maximum pain and suffering damages you deserve when you are the victim of a burn injury.

Mr. Kennedy is a responsive and compassionate lawyer with sixteen years of hard-hitting litigation experience in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties.  He knows how to protect and advance the rights of victims of serious injuries in Pennsylvania.  He will fight aggressively and tirelessly to ensure that your damages are compensated and that your lifetime needs are satisfied, to the full limit of the law.  He will fight to stretch those limits where the law falls short for victims of serious burn injuries.  He will go the extra mile and push to break down barriers to fight for you.  Mr. Kennedy is a Pennsylvania serious injury lawyer with a strong sense of compassion and an even stronger sense of commitment to his clients.  He will be in your corner.

Call today and speak directly with attorney Tim Kennedy at 610 924 5667 or 215 559 5003, or set up an in-person consultation in whichever of our three offices is most convenient to you or in a location of your choice, where Mr. Kennedy will come to you.  The call and the consultation are free.

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Come in to one of our offices for a free consultation.  We have three convenient locations to meet with you: in Broomall, serving all of Delaware County, including Media, Springfield, Darby, Ridley, Chester, Morton, and Clifton Heights and quickly reachable from West Chester; in Montgomery County, serving Norristown, Plymouth Meeting, Skippack and the many beautiful towns in between; and in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.

We also make home visits available by appointment.  Whether you live in
Norristown, West Chester, Bucks County, or even in Allentown, Quakertown or Reading, we are available to meet with you and serve your needs.

Free and Confidential Attorney Consultation:

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