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Is your employer unfairly fighting your workers compensation claim?  Is the Insurance Company delaying your checks improperly?  Are they underpaying your benefits?

Stated simply, you almost certainly will not know whether your employer or its workers' compensation insurance carrier are fully complying with the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act and related regulations unless you speak with a competent workers' compensation attorney. Unfortunately, it is very common for employers and insurers to fail to comply with the law and to cut every corner they can with regard to honoring the legal rights of employees claiming work injuries.


Typical abuses by insurance companies in workers’ compensation cases include failing to timely issue a formal acceptance or denial of your claim, understating your wages and compensation rate, using an artificially limited description of your injury, failing to comply with time deadlines for paying compensation benefits, sending late workers comp checks when you are on benefits, and using inappropriate bureau forms to acknowledge or document your injury such that your important rights regarding the injury may be prejudiced immediately or in the future.


Typical abuses by employers in handling work injury claims include failing to report your claim to insurance carriers, understating your wages, improperly steering injured workers to a specific company doctor over whom they have influence or control, pressuring injured workers back to work before they are ready and failing to fully honor light duty restrictions set by a doctor. Some employers will even try to convince employees to accept lay-offs with unemployment benefits or other disability payments instead of workers' compensation benefits. This will profoundly compromise the injured workers' rights.

Of course, abuses such as these are just the tip of the iceberg. Many previously very highly valued employees suddenly find themselves treated with contempt by their employer simply because they have the misfortune to suffer a work injury.

Make no mistake, even in the exceptional cases where an employer shows true compassion for the injured worker and a desire to respect his rights, the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation system is adversarial by design. Even employers who want to do the right thing are often forced to march to the drums of insurance carriers trying to minimize the costs of every claim. This may include attempts to downplay the seriousness of the injury, pressuring doctors for early releases or even claiming "full recovery" without regard to the your continuing symptoms and limitations.  Were I to list typical abuses of workers’ compensation doctors working with insurance carriers, I would run out of internet.  There are some biggies, and if you’ve been through it, you know just what I am talking about.  But please know: you are not alone.  I can help you.

These abuses can be overcome, and even turned to your advantage, when you make me your lawyer.  Call me now: 610 924 5667 or 215 559 5003.

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We Make It Convenient for You:

We never forget that we work for you, not the other way around. We make it easy for you.  We keep you advised of what is going on in your case, by sending you copies of every letter we send out, by calling you with updates periodically, and by promptly responding to every telephone call and e-mail we receive.  We also make it easy for you with three convenient locations to meet with you: Mr. Kennedy's primary offices in Havertown, Delaware County, just off the Blue Route and our satellite offices in Northeast Philadelphia/Trevose at the Neshaminy Interplex.

But we know that when you are hurting, particularly in the early days, weeks or months after a serious injury, even commuting to one of our three convenient locations may be difficult for you.  If your injuries have forced you from the workplace or limited your earning capacity, you may also have difficulty with the expense of commuting to one of our locations. For these reasons, we are generally available to come to you, to meet in your home or another suitable location convenient to you, by appointment.  Whether you live in Norristown, West Chester, Bucks County, or even in Allentown, Quakertown or Reading, the broad scope of our personal injury and workers' compensation practice frequently takes us into your area.  This makes it convenient for us to agree to meet with you at a time and place of your choosing, when you decide to make us your law firm of choice.

These are just some of the many ways we demonstrate to our clients, every day, our commitment to serving your needs, at the same time we are aggressively representing your rights and advancing your claims.

Please call us today: 610 924 5667 or 215 559 5003.
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